Frequently Asked Questions

How Is It Structured? Is It Just Media Buying? Or, Are You Focused Solely On Getting The Job?

It’s 80% media buying, 20% job hunting. I don’t just want to give you the skill without knowing how to get paid from it.

Do I Need To Have Prior Knowledge Or A Certificate To Join?

No, I’m going to be teaching you like you’re a complete beginner. You don’t need to have a certificate or even know anything about media buying to learn.

Will You Be Having One-On-One Calls, Or Will It Just Be In A Group Format?

Group formats. 1-on-1 would be super time consuming. I still have a day job, so that takes up my time. We’ll have Zoom calls every Monday & Thursday at 18:00 SAST for 90 mins.r

When Do You Plan On Starting?

You can buy right now & get access to the course content & videos. Zoom lessons will start on Monday December 18th./p>